About Us



  This store wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the friendship we have. This business started with us (Amanda and Chrissy) and a few goats. That love for them grew and grew. Now we are at 16 goats and counting at Oak Hammock Acres... 

   Years ago we talked about this project and we are finally having yearly kiddings, milking our does, and making anything we can think of with the milk! It has been amazing to have a friend that is always there to share, learn and adore these goat with.

Oak Hammock Acres

The Herd-


Becca, Callie, Penelope, Cora, Annie, Charlotte, Paisley, Pixie, Beltie (The Queen of the herd), new members: Belle and Chleo 


Charlie, Bentley, Tyrion, Teddy Goatsavelt


Matthew, Frederick Floppy Jones, Rambo


Our Soap Making-

We have sourced and use high quality ingredients. We want to provide a quality product from our farm to you. There are many soaps out there that contain several ingredients that you can not say or spell. We like to use a few high quality ingredients that contain high moisturizing and cleansing properties.  We hope you enjoy!