Essential Oils Are Essential

There are many reasons people use essential oils (EO). Without getting into a long and draw out explanation as to why we think you should try them too... Here are a few reasons:

Become an Oiler!

Essential Oils



Using natural remedies is something I grew up on and love learning about. There is always a natural, healthier option to try before heading straight for the pharmacy.

An Oil For Everything!


I'm not kidding, if you have a head ache, stomach pain, itchy skin, sore muscles, smelly breathe, wrinkles, and I could go on- I have used an oil for each one of these. 

Save Money!


The best part of using EO is that there are a few that you can use for almost anything and everything! I save so much money buying a few oils and using them for several different applications. 

Clean with EO!


Sounds weird right?! Well you can throw out all your cleaning products and disinfect your home, polish your furniture, clean the mirror and glass, etc. All with a few EO's. I used to have a cabinet full of products, most of which I never used! Now I clean everything in my house with a blend of oils. 

Cook With EO!


Black pepper, basil, rosemary, orange, lime, lemon, lavender, nutmeg, spearmint, cinnamon bark, carrot seed: You name it! 

The best part is you don't have to worry about your fresh tasting herbs going bad! They are always good in the bottle. 

How To Use EO?


Aromatically, Topically, Internally. 

Before using any EO researching and educating yourself about the oil is very important. Like with anything else, you should always consult the label for usage.

Check out Young Living Essentail Oils

There are many essential oil companies out there. We choose to use Young Living Essentail Oils. This company stands out from the rest because of their commitment to providing a high quality organic product. The oils are amazing to smell, use and the company has great perks for you choosing them. Who doesn't like free product now and than?! Click below to check out their full EO line or click here to learn more about essential oils.

Young Living Catalog

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